Details of Ownership

Any Certifications issued by Ujvala Consultants Private Limited shall be issued by the following person.

a) Name and Address: Vijayashankar NagarajaRao, #37, Ujvala, 20th Main, BSK First Stage, Bangalore 560050

b)Employer(s) and position held: Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd, Managing Director

c) Educational qualification and professional status: MSc., CAIIB, CIIF, AIMADM, Certified Data Protection Auditor (FDPPI)

d) Experience and Training: Over 45 years of professional training in Banking, Marketing, Education and Consultancy. Includes Audit and Consultancy experience for over 20 years.

e) Assessment of Competence: Pioneer in designing compliance frameworks, IISF 309 for compliance of ITA 2000, DPCSI for compliance of Indian Data Protection laws, DTS-DPA2021 and DTS-GDPR for evaluation of Data Protection Compliance under Indian law and GDPR, DVSI, for data valuation etc. Is a trainer for data protection through Cyber Law College and FDPPI.

f) Performance Monitoring: Owner self monitored

g) Authorizations held within the Certification body: Managing Director, Certified Data Protection Auditor

h) Date of Most recent updating of each record: 15th July 2022