With the notification of DPDPA 2023 as a law of the land there is a need for every organization to start complying with the requirements of the Act.

The DGPSI (Data Governance and Protection Standard of India) is used as a framework for compliance.

As a part of the compliance every company needs to ensure that their web presence is also compliant with DPDPA 2023.

Websites may have many purposes. Simple purpose would be to place some corporate information for public information. The website may also be used as a gateway for other services which may include extended services on the web.

However, the activity of maintaining a website for information is distinct from the activity of providing services on the web.

The DPDPA 2023 compliance is purpose specific and hence there could be a compliance related to the publication of information different from compliance for other services .

As a first step towards creation of Privacy awareness, Ujvala would like to offer a service of Web-DTS on request where website owners who have simple information oriented websites to be DPDPA 2023 compliant by tweaking their privacy policy/Notice document on the website.

Until further notice this would be a free service and result in provision of a visual mark that can be displayed on the website.

The service would be launched from 27th January 2024, the International Privacy Day of the year.

For sending your request, please visit here: