PDPSI Audits

Ujvala Consultants is one of the Certification bodies licensed by FDPPI for conducting assessments, audit and DTS (Data Trust Score) evaluations under PDPSI system.

PDPSI assessment is based on the Standard and Implementation specifications provided under the PDPSI framework.

PDPSI consists of 12 standards and 50 Model Implementation specifications. (MIS). The DTS evaluation is based on an assessment of an auditor on the effective implementation of these implementation specifications.

The Audit is based on the Implementation Charter developed based on a Gap Assessment based on the Model Implementation Specifications (MIS) but modified by the Management based on their Risk Strategy of Mitigation. The Risk Mitigation Strategy takes into account the organization’s preference for Risk Avoidance, Risk Absorption and Risk Transfer and the resultant modified set of Implementation Specifications is considered as the “Adopted Implementation Specifications”.(AIS)  The logic for modifying the MIS into AIS is recorded in the “Deviation Justification Document” signed off by the management.

The Audit is conducted based on the AIS of the Implementation Charter resulting in “Satisfactory” or ” Requires Improvement” comment. All audits will be accompanied by an allotted DTS score.

The Certificate is issued by Ujvala and copy filed with FDPPI. It is part of the PDPSI system that at the end of the audit, the auditee organization will file a “PDPSI Auditee Feedback” and send it directly to FDPPI. The feedback will also consist of a permission to opt in for disclosure of DTS.

Currently, Naavi and Ramesh Venkataraman are the Certified Lead Auditors for Ujvala, for the purpose of PDPSI audits.


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