Ujvala to pioneer Algorithmic Transparency Audit as required under DPA 2021

One of the new requirements that has been brought into the Data Protection Audit in India through the DPA 2021 is the need for “Algorithmic Transparency”. Additionally all devices both software and hardware,  that process data needs to carry a security certification from an accredited lab.

The Data Protection Standard of India (DPSI) has been suitably modified to incorporate these requirements.

At the same time, the DPIA and Harm Audit concepts need to be upgraded to include the audit against any possible “Bias” of an automated decision making involved in data processing.

In order to provide a service for third party “Bias Audit”, Ujvala is developing a new line of activity for “Independent third party Bias Audit” of algorithms as may be considered adequate under DPA 2021.

This audit would not be at the Code level and therefore does not involve any IPR risks.

Ujvala is in the process of finalizing technology partners for this line of activity.


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