Now Data Protection Compliance in India is easy and affordable

Ujvala Consultants Private Limited as a Supporting member of Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India ( has made Data Protection Compliance in India simple and affordable.

Ujvala provides online access to a self assessment tool through this website, which costs only Rs 2500/- (plus GST) as an introductory price.

On payment of the fees, an e-mail will be sent with access password to an online self assessment system which consists of five parts and 233 questions.

The questions can be answered online and a self evaluation of the effectiveness of the current practices can be entered by the organization representative.

On Submission, Ujvala team will provide an an adjusted Self Assessed DTS with a basic review comment.

If required, the organization may get implementation evaluation of policy documents and a summary assessment from Ujvala.

Following this, the organization may obtain implementation consultancy from a DPCSI consultant and FDPPI certified audit certificate from a DPCSI auditor.

Cost of Rs 2500/-plus GST (Total Rs 2950/-) is applicable for self assessment, review of the self assessment and issue of an adjusted DTS based on the preliminary review.

Cost for Summary assessment, Consultancy and Audit will be advised on request and further discussion.


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