DPDPB 2023 based Audit now available

The Government of India has introduced a new version of the Digital Data Protection Bill 2023 in the Parliament.

Once the Bill is passed, it becomes the new Data Protection Act in India for personal data.

Till the Bill is passed Information Technology Act 2000/8 (ITA 2000/8) with Section 43A and the Reasonable Security Practice notification for Sensitive Data will be the applicable Personal Data Protection Law. The DPDPB 2023 will be considered as a “Guideline” under the Due Diligence/Reasonable Security Practice under Section 43A of Information Technology Act 2000/8.

Ujvala is immediately upgrading its audit methodology to be compliant with DPDPB 2023 and adopting PDPCSI for Privacy assessments. These will be certified under the FDPPI certification program.

For more information, kindly contact Naavi.


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